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We are a family that sends flowers to funerals, mothers in the hospital, for Mothers Day, or just because.  To be honest, I still have not found a great online source for ordering and buying flowers. I haven’t been thrilled with any of them and just now realized I should have been looking for an organic flower source. We strive for everything else to be organic.  Why not the flowers we send as gifts?

I started browsing the web in search of these companies and am excited to share with you the list I put together:

1. Your local Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market might carry organic flower arrangements. Here in Utah, we aren’t lucky enough to have a Trader Joes and the Whole Foods near me does not carry them. But they do in thousands of  other locatinos, so be sure to check that option out.

2. California Organic Flowers is a beautiful and (gasp!) affordable online ordering and delivering service for organic flower arrangements. This is a wonderful company that prides itself on growing and then selling their own organic flowers from their farm. They also go by the motto that, “Flowers are our way of celebrating nature, and celebrating ourselves, so they just have to be grown in a way that cares for the environment or it defeats their whole purpose.”

3. Organic Bouquet is a company that has been around since 2001 and works with their partner farms in providing their customers with organic and beautiful flowers to deliver. The company has played a key role in “the transformation of the floral industry by promoting and living up to the highest social and environmental standards—developing the most eco-friendly floral packaging, initiating the industry’s first carbon offset program, and growing our flowers in a way that is gentle on the earth and that safeguards the ecology and the well-being of wildlife and farm workers”

Be sure to check out these store and online websites the next time you think of sending flowers. Sending flowers is such a beautiful gift, and now you can take it to the next level by sending them in their truest healthiest form.


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