Utah’s Natural Kids is a blog to assist parents in becoming more Green along with their children. From help with: organizing unstructured nature time, buying the best eco-friendly products and books, tips for healthy eating, taking care of the earth, doing art projects that reduce/reuse/recycle and an array or many other subjects utahsnaturalkids.com is an interesting and informative blog to check out every single day.Vanessa was a nanny in Boston and Salt Lake for seven years before having two children of her own. As a nanny and now mother she enjoys every aspect of learning and growing along with her two daughters. She wants to help other parents take the time to be interactive parents that show their love of the Earth. It doesn’t take a lot of money or a big “to-do”  to spend time with your children. Single parents, WAHM parents, working parents and “Stay at Home” parents can all benefit from this site.

Vanessa puts together “Live” Utah Events called Nature Days, Art Days and Sharing is Caring Projects. Be sure to check back in to be updated on these get togethers.

Vanessa has lived all over the country: Maryland, Arizona, Virgina, Texas, Massuchuests and currently resides in Utah with her husband Tyler (www.dogbehavioronline.com and www.communicanine.net), two daughters Cameron and Abby, and two dogs Honey and Rocco.

Utah’s Natural Kids sister site is

She can be contacted at inevergrewup@gmail.com